Reuse Contents Demonetize

We are currently covering channels that have been affected by the VoxAdApocalypse to get an understanding of what really causes the team of specialist working at YouTube to blanket demonetize basically a community. While some creators are still left in the dark because YouTube’s response was so vague, there are some channels who understood why […]

YouTube Statement Explained

It is believed that YouTube had released this statement after the complaint from Vox’s StrikeThrough host Carlos Maza who made a complaint to YouTube to de-platform comedian Steven Crowder who uploaded a video debunking one of his video May 29, 2019. The complaint was for harassment and anti-gay contents towards him that he claimed has […]

A Website Focusing Only on Creators

I have been searching far and wide for a website that writes about YouTube Creators in a good light. A website that does acknowledge YouTube’s platforms for all of its greatness. I was looking for a website that shares the same imaginations as many creators, encouraging others to become one and not discourage them. Unfortunately, […]