Any new available news about content creators, trending videos, and the latest from YouTube influencers will be shared here unbias.

Anything that lands in my feed, on my desk, and seen throughout social media that involves a Creator, will be shared here on Creator News at What’s New YouTube. The story does not have to be great. It does not have to be horrible. If it is about a creator and the community, the world needs to know.

Trending news will also be a sole focus because algorithm sucks and we all know that. There are millions of YouTube channels that are created every day and whether the content is worth viewing or not, there should be a spotlight on a variety of contents that are made for almost anyone. YouTube should not focus completely on what has been accomplished. YouTube should also acknowledge new channels coming into the network to keep the network going organically.

Let’s push out the mainstream media from YouTube and make room for channels that need to grow and let’s highlight occasionally the channels that have already been successful so that they can become a large influence. This will be done in a tasteful manner because negativity stems from negativity.