“My unbias opinions and suggestions will be shared here.”

For a platform as large as YouTube, it seems like there should be someone who focus mainly on what goes on in this community to keep creators and outsiders informed. I have yet to come across such sites who gives good publicity to YouTube and their community as a whole.

I Believe in YouTube

I believe that this platform will continue to grow as technology continue to advance. I also believe that the creators will one day replace television network programming. It’s easy to use YouTube and there are numbers of channels with a large variety of interest. The only problem that is going on right now is communication and the black and gray area that can lead to censorship. I do not believe that YouTube takes part in this role but there is an area where they have to protect their business interest and their creator’s interest. My goal is to create a space that focuses on just that.

Maybe someone from YouTube will take the time to read everything that I’ve found and possibly consider my suggestions reasonable for future goals. Who knows. We will see and hopefully, somewhere along the line, this can change something for the better.