The latest YouTube News from YouTube itself will be shared here without bias because that’s not how we roll.

From the YTCreator page on Twitter to the Creator Page on YouTube, we will cover it and share it without opinions. We will do our best to keep as updated as possible with any news that involves the platform and how it will affect Content Creators. Information on censorship and copyright will all be shared including any factual findings that will back up the claims. There are numbers of YouTubers who suspect foul play when it comes to the way YouTube handles their platform and whether they really do support their creators or/if they have a soft heart for big corporations. These are things that require attention because, without Content Creators, YouTube would have never grown this large.

What’s New YouTube is not affiliated with YouTube and is not funded by any media, so everything that is shared to the public is all coming from original sources that will be shared for viewers to understand for themselves. There are numbers of platforms that write about YouTube and their creators but we have yet to see really good news about both entities.